Tiong Bahru, Bukit Merah and Southern Islands Heritage, Building, Murals Trail

中峇鲁, 红山和南部岛屿历史,建筑,壁画走道

Tiong Bahru 中峇鲁

The Architecture of Tiong Bahru
The Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT) was established in 1920 to help Municipal Commission solve the housing shortage and sordid living conditions prevailing in Singapore at that time. Tiong Bahru is the third and largest housing project of SIT after two small development projects in Lavender Street and Kreta Ayer. The trust must clear approximately 2,000 squatters and acquire and level up approximately 72 acres of land. SIT’s initial plan was to simply lay the foundation and then sell the property to a private developer to finance and build the required apartment. This plan failed because when the land was ready in 1931, Singapore was in an economic recession, and SIT tried to sell the land through tenders for the next five years, but was unsuccessful. It was not until 1936 that the trust decided to develop the property itself.
新加坡改善信托 (SIT) 成立于 1920 年,旨在帮助市政委员会解决当时新加坡普遍存在的住房短缺和肮脏的生活条件。 中峇鲁是继劳明达街和水车路的两个小型开发项目之后,SIT 的第三个也是最大的住房项目。 该信托必须清理约 2,000 名擅自占地者,并收购和平整约 72 英亩的土地。 SIT 最初计划只是简单地奠定地基,然后将物业出售给私人开发商,以资助和建造所需的公寓。 这个计划失败了,因为当该地块在 1931 年准备就绪时,新加坡正处于经济衰退之中,而 SIT 试图在接下来的五年里通过招标出售土地,但没有成功。 直到 1936 年,该信托才决定本身着手开发该物业。

Screenshot from Street Directory 街道目录截图

Graves of Tan Tock Seng
Tan Tock Seng is one of Singapore’s most important early pioneers. He was born in Malacca in 1798, and he moved to Singapore at the age of 21 in 1819, shortly after the arrival of the British. Starting from selling fruits, vegetables and poultry, he quickly raised enough funds to open a shop in the Boat Quay. Tan is from Fujian and has learned to speak English and gets along well with European businessmen. He established a partnership with John Horrocks Whitehead (1810-1846), who was an outstanding trader at Shaw, Whitehead & Co, mainly due to their joint speculation on the land. Tan become very rich.
陈笃生是新加坡最重要的早期先驱之一。 他于 1798 年出生于马六甲,他于 1819 年 21 岁时移居新加坡,英国人才抵达后不久。 从卖水果、蔬菜和家禽开始,他很快就筹集到足够的资金在驳船码头开设了一家商店。 陈是福建人,学会了说英语,与欧洲商人相处得很好。 他与约翰·亨利·怀特海德 (John Horrocks Whitehead,1810-1846 年) 建立了合作伙伴关系,后者是 Shaw, Whitehead & Co 公司的杰出交易员,主要是由于他们在土地上的共同投机,陈变得非常富有。

Former Bird Corner & Hu Lu Temple
3 Seng Poh Rd, Singapore 168891
The junction of Seng Poh Road and Tiong Bahru Road was one of the most important crossroads in Tiong Bahru. This is where the main arterial road leading from Outram Road into the Tiong Bahru estate. This was also where many residents as well as visitors from other parts of Singapore used to gather, to perform religious rituals at a Chinese temple, check out the offerings at a nearby bird shop or enjoy a cup of coffee with friends while listening to the sweet melodies of their feathered companions.
成保路和中峇鲁路的交界处是中峇鲁最重要的十字路口之一。 这是从欧南路通往中峇鲁的主干道与交汇的地方。 这也是许多新加坡居民和来自新加坡其他地区的游客过去聚集的地方,在华人寺庙举行宗教仪式,在附近的鸟店查看或与朋友一起喝杯咖啡,一边听甜蜜的歌, 一边看着鸟儿跟着旋律挥动着翅膀。

Murals at 10 Seng Poh Rd, Singapore 168895

Monkey God Temple
44 Eng Hoon Street, Singapore 169786
The Tiong Bahru Qi Tian Gong (齐天宫), more popularly known as the Tiong Bahru Monkey God Temple, was built in 1920 and is located in a small thatched house in a taro garden opposite Eng Hoon St. It moved to its current location in 1938.
中峇鲁齐天宫(齐天宫),更广为人知的名称是中峇鲁猴庙,始建于 1920 年,位于英云街对面芋头花园内的一个小茅屋内。 它在 1938 年搬到了现在的位置。

Proud as a peacock + Feather painted by Mike Makatron from Melbourne

Left – Reminiscing Tiong Bahru by Zhangde Primary School

Right & Below – Year of the Goat painted by Ernest Goh on January 2015

Our Hawker Centres – A Heritage & Art Project (2015)
Tiong Bahru Market Food Centre
30 Seng Poh Rd, Singapore 168898
Tiong Bahru Market and Food Center. For decades, residents, neighborhoods and people from all over the island have come here to shop, eat and enjoy each other’s fun. Look for information and stories about Tiong Bahru’s history as well as markets and food centers.
中峇魯巴刹熟食中心,几十年来,居民、邻里和来自全岛各地的人们来到这里购物、用餐和享受彼此的乐趣 。 寻找包含有关中峇鲁历史以及市场和食品中心的信息和故事。

Piano by D-Flat Studios
Bird Singing Corner by Yip Yew Chong completed March 2016

Block 71 Seng Poh Rd, Singapore 160071

Pasar & the Fortune Teller by Yip Yew Chong completed April 2016 at Block 73 Eng Watt St, Singapore 160073

Home by Yip Yew Chong completed March 2016 at Block 74 Tiong Poh Rd, Singapore 160074

Tiong Bahru Community Centre
67A Eu Chin Street, Singapore 169715
Soon after the war, the residents of Tiong Bahru had the idea of setting up an organization to organize activities for the community. In July 1948, Lau Yew Hock, a prominent member of the Tiong Bahru community and Secretary of the Singapore Chinese Importers and Exporters Association, proposed to establish a community centre. The Singapore Free Press reported on July 26, 1948 that at a meeting held in the church hall of Outram Road, residents unanimously decided that “the community centre is the most suitable for promoting the moral, cultural, physical and progress of the residents of Tiong Bahru.”
战后不久,中峇鲁的居民萌生了成立一个组织为社区组织活动的想法。 1948年7月,中峇鲁社区杰出成员、新加坡华人进出口商会秘书长刘有福提议设立民众俱乐部。 新自由报于 1948 年 7 月 26 日报道说,在欧南路教堂大厅举行的一次会议上,居民一致决定“民众俱乐部最适合促进中峇鲁居民的道德、文化、身体和进步”。

Seng Poh Garden & Dancing Girl Sculpture
Although Tiong Bahru plans to have a lot of green space between its blocks, there was no initial plan to build a landscaped leisure garden. Don’t know when, the area near Eu Chin Street, various plants and shrubs were planted in the garden in the 1960s, but it was not until 1972 that it was planned to build a landscaped garden at Seng Poh Road.
成保花园的雕塑: 跳舞的女孩
虽然中峇鲁计划在其街区之间有大量绿地,但最初并没有建造景观休闲花园的计划。 曾几何时,有进街社区中心附近一带,在1960年代已以花园的方式种植了各种植物和灌木,但直到1972年才规划在成保路兴建园景花园 .

The Horse-Shoe Block
These unique curved “horseshoe-shaped” ancestral homes at Moh Guan Terrace and Guan Chuan Street were built between 1939 and 1940. Block 78 is the largest block of flats in Tiong Bahru, with two unique features. First, this single-seat unit actually straddles both Moh Guan Terrace and Guan Chuan Street; secondly, there is a specially constructed air-raid shelter in the Guan Chuan Street area, which is the first to be included in the public housing project.
这些位于茂源台和源全街的独特弯曲“马蹄形”祖屋建于 1939 年至 1940 年之间。 大牌78 是中峇鲁最大的祖屋,其独特之处有两个。 首先,这单座单位实际上横跨茂源台和源全街; 其次,源全街地段有一个专门建造的防空洞,是第一个被纳入公共住房项目的地方。

Everton 埃弗顿

Tuan Yuan Bak kut Teh 团缘肉骨茶 by Yip Yew Chong completed Aug 2018 at 127 Kim Tian Rd, Singapore 160127

Block 118A Jalan Membina Singapore 161118

Neighbours help neighbours mural at Block 5 Delta Ave, Singapore 160005. 邻居帮助邻居壁画位于大牌5号,立达道,新加坡邮区 160005

Remembering the Past: The Legend of Bikit Merah by Cantonment Pri Sch
Looking into the future: Little Red Dot by River Valley Pri Sch

Our Hawker Centres – A Heritage & Art Project (2015) at Beo Crescent Market 38A Beo Cres, Singapore 169982

Tiong Bahru Plaza, 298 Tiong Bahru Rd, Singapore 168732

Togetherness by Henderson Sec Sch for Our Hawker Centres – A Heritage & Art Project (2015) at 115 Bukit Merah View, Singapore 151115

Henderson-Dawson Interfaith Goodwill Store by Yip Yew Chong and NTU student volunteers completed in 2015 at carpark facing Block 93 Henderson Road, Singapore 150093

Left – Airlines mural at 203 Henderson Rd, Singapore 159546. 壁画位于203 亨德森路, 新加坡邮区 159546.

Right – Mural at Depot Heights Shopping Centre. 壁画位于德普岭购物中心

“Mardi” painted by Thai artists Patcharapol Tangruen (Alex Face) at 64 Spottiswoode Park Rd, Singapore 088652

Provision Shop by Yip Yew Chong completed Dec 2015 at 1 Spottiswoode Park Road, Singapore 088628

Amah by Yip Yew Chong completed Aug 2015 at 40 Everton Road, Singapore 089393

Barber by Yip Yew Chong completed Sept 2015 at 39 Everton Road, Singapore 089392

Bukit Merah 红山

Return Tray mural (2015) at ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre. 壁画位于ABC砖厂巴刹和熟食中心.

5 Jln Kilang, The Mill, Singapore 159405. 壁画位于5 惹兰奇兰.

Space run mural at Block 49 Hoy Fatt Rd, Singapore 150049. 壁画位于大牌49 开发路, 新加坡邮区 150049.

Worry-Free wall mural at Block 50 Hoy Fatt Rd, Singapore 150050. 壁画位于大牌50 开发路, 新加坡邮区 150050.

Faces of Lengkok Bahru at 51 Lengkok Bahru, Singapore 150051. 壁画位于大牌50 开发路, 新加坡邮区 150051.

Wall of Fortune mural at Block 55 Lengkok Bahru, Singapore 151055. 壁画位于大牌55 开发路, 新加坡邮区 151055.


Mural (2015) by Ernest Zacharevic at Enabling Village. 壁画位于扶持村.

Gateway Theatre 3615 Jalan Bukit Merah, Singapore 159461

Radin Mas 拉丁马士

Block 7 Telok Blangah Cres, Singapore 090007

Sang Nila Utama by RSCLS at Block 24 Telok Blangah Cres, Singapore 090024

Radin Mas Community Club, 51 Telok Blangah Cres, Singapore 098917

Full Moon Rising by Tom Civil
The Lion City by Zero, Yok and Sheryo

Our Hawker Centres – A Heritage & Art Project (2015) at 36 Telok Blangah Rise, Singapore 090036

The legend of Radin Mas Ayu

Radin Mas NAFA Collaboration Project at Block 108 Bukit Purmei Rd, Singapore 090108

Block 109 Bukit Purmei Rd, Singapore 090109

Telok Blangah 直落布兰雅


National Day (2018) by Yip Yew Chong at HarbourFront Centre 1 Maritime Square, Singapore 099253

Keppel Club
Address: 10 Bukit Chermin Rd, Singapore 109918
Founded in 1904, Keppel Club is Singapore’s oldest golf club in its original location will be closing its doors on September or October 2022 in preparation for its move to Sime Road.
10 武吉慈明路, 新加坡邮政编码109918
吉宝俱乐部成立于 1904 年,是新加坡最古老的高尔夫俱乐部,位于其原址,将于 2022 年 9 月或 2022 年 10 月关门,为搬迁至森路做准备。

Cycling, Hiking, & Walking (Singapore) 骑行、远足和步行 (新加坡)

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