Free online vouchers scam summary

Often receive online promotion, but not sure whether true or not.

There are few things you can check on

1: Go to any search engines and find the promotion key word, if any promotion or scam should be listed.

2: Go to the merchant’s website or Facebook to check, if there is any promotion, normally should show on their home page

3: Take a closer look on the URL provided, the scam works by using a link which appears almost identical to the merchant’s legitimate website, but with one small difference.

Example: Starbucks

The fake URL with a special character of ɓ. This ɓ is not b. Be careful!

Starbucks home page:

But the link provided is http://www.starɓ

4: Please protect yourself by not sharing your personal information or clicking on any suspicious links. Do spread the word to your friends so they are aware.


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