Scam Tips

The world is sick, with people the same as Rasmi Sinaga and gang from Batam Indonesia, believed scam is correct thing to do and enjoy doing it. We should make them transparent, so they can’t scam another person, if not the other will follow.

I call out everyone been scammed to stand out and justify, been scammed is nothing to ashamed of, but scammers should be condemn. Hereby link to Michael Jackson Song Heal the world, hopefully everyone can help to heal the world. Below are the scams I know.

Scammer Rasmi Sinaga and gang from Batam Indonesia

How to Identify con girls From Batam Indonesia

4 Oct 2019 WhatsApp bug allowed hackers to steal files and messages with GIFs Picture

4 Sept 2019 Woman nearly loses US$5,000 in online love scam

10 July 2019 Crime Advisory – Resurgence Of Scams Involving Takeover Of Whatsapp Accounts

1 July 2019 Fake China police officer

WhatsApp Gold

28 JUNE 2019 Public Advisory on Scam Call from ICA

23 JUNE 2019 Several websites use the “Lianhe Zaobao” logo to defraud the credit card information, the public should not be fooled

Beware of Begging scam

DBS Phishing Alert

Beware WhatsApp takeover scams by Singapore Police

Free online vouchers scam summary

Social Media Scam Summary

QR Code Scam

Capital 95.8 DJ Qi Qi incident

Orphanage Scam

Income Tax Scam

Internet Love Scam

Can You Hear Me

New Scam Involves Fake Emails About Parking Fines

Scam Phone Calls Impersonating Police Officers

DHL Scam

WeChat Sex Scam

Singapore Power Services Scam

OCBC Phone Scams

Fake Government Websites

Online Purchase Scam

Beware Of Scam Now Deliver To Your Doorstep

New Hotel Scam