Batam Scammers Rasmi Sinaga

Often hear Indonesian girl come Singapore to fraud Singaporean, first I thought only few of the black sheep, but after I met with Rasmi Sinaga, now I believe someone in Batam told me. “You will not find a lot of honest people” here.

This is based on true story happening in Singapore, with police report, voice recording, message conversation, Facebook conversation, true documents, identity and eye witness.

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This lady actual name Rasmi Sinaga
Sinaga is her surname
KTP number: 2171116210849004
Date of Birth: 22 October 1984
Religion: Kristen

She is Batak, Batak are the biggest ethnic groups in Batam, most of them are Christian and they are very united. They treat each other with the same surname as brother and sister.

She named herself Arga Haris, name after her eldest son. This is Medan people tradition,

married with kid must name themselves after their first child. She is using this to cover her real identity.

She come from Pematang Siantar, North Sumatra, Indonesia, stay in Batam, Riau Islands Province, Indonesia.

According to her, she has three children.

Eldest Son Arga Haris

Second Son Gabriel Haris

Youngest daughter Risel Haris

And one more Irwando Sally Purba don’t know from where.

She said she divorced but not true, Haris is her husband surname.

Her sister name Sarni Sinaga M. Cindy

Her brother name Erwin Sinaga

Her last known address was Perumahan Bida Ayu Block W, No. 76, RT.10/RW.16, Kelurahan Mangsang Kecamatan Sei Deduk, Batam 29432 Indonesia

Singapore address at 47 Owen Rd, there is a lot of Indonesia illegal workers and prostitutes stay here.

Her last known contact was +6586979859, +6582844931, +60143079086, +6281266701143,  +6285365162338 and +6281231278059. Her sister last known contact was +6583095472 and +6287842461209

First time I met her on February 2015, she with her sister and two friends; she asked help to look for second hand clothes shop in Singapore, coincidence my friend have a shopthat sell used clothes, and I introduced her, so coincidence my friend met her before, after this we become friend.

Few days later she called and told me her friend inform her husband, we having an affair want me to clarify and I went there but her friend did not show up.

After few days, her husband called me with the mobile number +6285271212346, he asked me about our relationship. And I told him there is nothing between us. But after few days she called and told me her husband commit suicide, show me the photo of her husband in hospital and her friend Bintang correspond. She borrowed money from me, with IOU signed, to pay her husband hospital bill and purchase clothes, she claims there are no people willing to help her, and she have three children to raise, she agreed to pay me immediately, after clothes sold with written date. I lend her money, with her friend Bintang and her sister knowing.

But she didn’t pay at maturity, but showed me to all her friends owe her money which cannot collect. Including Yunana Abady, Bintang and Noviatri Suhaini but Noviatri Suhaini denies.

Then she and her sister convinced me to import used clothes sale to her, with delivery order signed, provide photocopy of her identity, and many eye witnesses include Nagen Sinaga help her to do packing, she promised to make full payment including IOU money owes after clothes sold, but so coincidence she arrested by the police in Hotel 81 at Geylang Singapore as prostitute on 18 May 2016, after this incident, she claimed the clothes cannot sale, asking me takes back when I ask for money, in fact from my information she have move all the clothes to her brother shop in Batu Aji, but she repack it with lousy clothes and showed to me.

Now I continue to request payment but she combine her “Son” Irwando Sally Purba deny, threaten to kill me and hurt my family in public on 2 February 2017,all her friends knew she is a liar, but still cover up for her, such as Pestarina Tambunan saying I am her ex-boyfriend, suffered her rejection, this is the illusion they been using for many years, maybe you want to ask yourself, would anyone ask her girl friend to signed delivery order and IOU for a gift. Donny Vina Setiawan said want to collect money must speak to him, and he believed fraud is brave behavior. If they are so brave why need to hide away from my Facebook, dare not tell public the true. Edward Simanjuntak said they owe money don’t need to pay, and said they have practice to exchange sex for money, he feels proud for Rasmi Sinaga to be prostitute and scammer, Instead of saying Rasmi Sinaga is a thief  but he said Singapore Government is a thief.

Now she told everyone she has paid the debt, but our late meeting at Johor on 29 Oct 2016, she still replies message agreed to pay money owed. I am wondering how she paid me, if we didn’t meet and no cash transfer. she kept saying she very rich, but her car dealer brother lesman Sinaga still posted on my Facebook saying she can’t pay car installment, On 8 October 2019 her brother Erwin Sinaga sent messages threaten to kill me, not 1, 2 but 3 peoples told me not to believe them, one even said those All Batak are liar, mean this been happening in Indonesia for many year, and no one dare to voice out, afraid might murder by her and her collude.

I posted this on Internet to let everyone know, this can only see in movie, happening in Indonesia Batam with many witnesses. This fraud act in group, they help each other to scam. No wonder so many people being cheated, but she does not feel ashamed, but think she is very clever doing the correct thing and enjoy doing it, her friends also feel proud for her. I wonder why they feel proud for married woman to have sexual activity just for money, Is this offence in Indonesia?

Please be careful of her and her Syndicate. Please share this advisory with family and friends to prevent them from being the next scam victim! Rasmi Sinaga is not the first or the last fraud come from Batam. Do not under estimate them, they will do bad to you just for few hundred to thousand. Many Indonesian know about it and avoid them, now they switch target to Singaporean, Malaysian and internet.

I tried to engage lawyer to sue her. But there is no Singapore lawyer can file court in Indonesia, Using Indonesia lawyer, normally they charge more than what you intend claim without guarantee. I checked with Batam, Indonesia police but they refuse to help because case happening in Singapore. And Singapore police can’t do anything if she hides in Indonesia. they also told me she can change her identity and come back to Singapore. Between 1 April 2017 to 17 May 2018 she did change identity in Facebook to Sharon and Rachely Siyora. After she known she can’t hide away from me in Facebook and she gather all her family and friends to lie with her, please take note all her Facebook account below.

Rasmi Sinaga

Rasmi Sinaga

Arga Haris

I still reserve my right to sue her for scam, threatening and slander, or try to find Interpol to deal with it. If anyone with better suggestion or know her location, please email me at, I can provide evidence if you have doubt on me.

I risk my life to posted this on Internet, so everyone knows the true after I am murdered, and hopefully International police can investigate and arrest she and her syndicate with evidence I posted and save.

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Attached Youtube Video with voice recording as evidence