Capital 95.8 DJ Qi Qi incident

On September 2017, the radio station Capital 95.8’s DJ Qi Qi was on the way to the Jurong east MRT station when an old couple approached crying for help. They claimed that they could not find their friend. With no money for transport or staying in a hotel, they begged Qi Qi to lend them a thousand dollars and promised to return once they found their friend. They passed their friend’s business card to Qi Qi as a guarantee. Qi Qi sympathised with them and lent them a thousand dollars. After a few days, they did not contact Qi Qi, so she picked up the business card and called the number. Not able to connect, Qi Qi realised she had been scammed.

The above incident showed that fraudsters often use other’s kindness, asking for help, then running away. This is especially the case with foreign fraud groups. Don’t take their business cards. Even their identity card number and passport number can’t help you with anything. Singapore’s law can only deal with Singaporean fraudsters, while foreign criminals are relatively invincible.

Advice: Anyone who encounters an incident similar to the aforementioned and you intend to help, just bring them to the police station and let the police handle the rest.

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