Using supermarket “elderly discounts” as bait, fake websites cheat senior citizens’ entrance fees

以超市“乐龄优惠”为诱饵 假网站骗年长者入会费

Published by Lianhe Zaobao on January 14, 2021 3:30 AM

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The victims all realized that they were deceived after registering as a member and paying the membership fee, only to find that they had not received any email notification.


The scammers targeted the elderly, set up a fake website “Senior Privileges” and provided a fake membership system, so that the registered seniors could think that they could shop at a low price, but they did not realize that it was a trap of scammers.


The police issued a statement yesterday (January 13) to remind the public not to be fooled. Victims may learn about the membership system of “Senior Advantage” through online advertisements or email advertisements. If they click on the link attached to the advertisement, the victim will be taken to a fake website. The membership system provided by these websites uses the bait that only the elderly can register as a member, attracting them to think that after registering as a member, they can get special discount prices from supermarkets, restaurants and other retail stores. However, the website is not associated with the supermarkets, restaurants, and retail stores.

警方昨天(1月13日)发文告提醒公众不要上当。受害者可能通过网上广告或是电邮广告得知“乐龄优惠”(Senior Advantage)的会员制度,只要点击附在广告中的链接,受害者就会被带到一个假冒的网站。这些网站所提供的会员制度,以只有年长人士能够注册成为会员条件为诱饵,吸引他们以为注册成为会员后,就能获得超市、餐厅和其他零售商店的特别优惠价格。然而,该网站与其中的超市、餐厅和零售商店都没有关联。

The victims all realized that they were deceived after registering as a member and paying the membership fee, only to find that they had not received any email notification. The police also pointed out that some victims found themselves fooled after searching the company’s information online.


According to the screenshot of the “Senior Discount” website attached to the statement, the website slogans “Almost all Singapore stores can save 70% of the cost” and the trademarks of Giant supermarket and NTUC FairPrice are attached. , It is easy to make people think that they can enjoy discounts in these big supermarkets, and believe that they can register as a member.


The police reminded that the public should be more vigilant when clicking on links in “unsolicited” advertisements, especially those who seem “too much better”. In addition, the public must also confirm the authenticity of the information from the resources on the official website and should immediately notify the payment service provider when encountering any fraudulent transactions.


To learn more about anti-fraud information, the public can go online or call the anti-fraud hotline 1800-722-6688 or go to the website or dial 1800-255-0000 to provide clues about fraud. The public can also register to join the “Spot the signs. Stop the crimes.” campaign to prevent fraud cases and avoid becoming the next victim.

若要了解更多防诈骗资讯,公众可上网或拨打反诈骗热线1800-722-6688,也可以到网站或拨打1800-255-0000提供骗案的线索。公众也可注册加入“识破骗局,制止犯罪”(Spot the signs. Stop the crimes. ) 运动,一起防范诈骗案件,避免成为下一个受害者。

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