Au Kang is the original name of Hougang, which used to be a forested area filled with farms.

Places of Interest

Lorong Halus Wetland Park 罗弄哈鲁士湿地
Address: Pasir Ris Farmway 3
Getting there: Bus 3, 83, 85, & 569. Alight at Blk 166A, Riviera LRT station.
MRT: Riviera LRT (From Punggol MRT)
Before the Lorong Halus Wetland was completed in 2011, the area was famous for its sewage treatment center and landfill facilities. In 1941, the Municipal Council completed the Serangoon sludge disposal project as part of a sewage treatment plan serving the northern and eastern regions of Singapore.
The sludge plant is located in the marshland of Sungei Blukar and operates together with the sewage treatment plant on Kim Chuan Road. The sludge or solid waste left after the sewage is processed is used as fertilizer for sale or used to reclaim the swamps in the area. The facility also processes night soil (human excrement collected in barrels) and was the last such disposal site at the end of the system in 1987.
In the 1950s, part of the former swampland surrounding the sludge plant was used as a garbage dump. Within two decades, the landfill has expanded to 234 hectares, with 10 levels of garbage dumps. The proximity of the dump also led to an informal scrap market. The scrap dealer set up a shop on Tampines Road in the 1980s and bought waste from truck drivers who transported industrial waste to Lorong Halus.
When Serangoon Reservoir began construction in the 2000s, the Public Utilities Commission decided to convert part of the old landfill into wetlands to help treat potential contaminants in the groundwater. Today, the Lorong Halus wetland has become a bioremediation system and a haven for biodiversity in the Serangoon Reservoir.

Lorong Halus Wetland Polishing Ponds
Serangoon River
Serangoon Reservoir Dam
Lorong Halus Bridge

Murals and Sculpture

Shopping Malls

Hougang 1
Address: 1 Hougang Street 91 Singapore 538692
Getting There: Bus 72, 109, 116, 159, 325

Hougang Mall
Address: 90 Hougang Avenue 10, Singapore 538766
Getting There: Hougang MRT Station Exit B
Bus: 27, 51, 74, 74E, 89, 89E, 107, 107M, 112, 113, 116, 132, 147, 151, 151E, 153, 161, 165, 324, 325, 72, 80, 87, 101, 6N, 62, 82, 82.

Heartland Mall
Address: Blk 204 Hougang Street 21 Singapore 530204
Getting There: Kovan MRT Exit A
Bus: 80, 81, 82, 101, 107*, 107M, 112, 113, 115, 119, 136, 153


Institute of Mental Health (Singapore)
Address: 10 Buangkok View, Buangkok Green Medical Park, Singapore 539747
Getting there: Gree Shuttle Bus service from Hougang MRT Station. Available ONLY from Mon – Fri, excluding Public Holidays.