Women take loan to clear credit card debts are trapped to fraud over S$30,000

Translate from Lianhe Wanbao dated 2020年6月1日 2:52 PM

During circuit breaker period and income reduction, women fell into the loan scam traps for clearing her credit card debts, she wanted to borrow 30,000, but because of mistrust the scammers, they need her to meet the “lending conditions” that they issued. As a result, she was cheated S$31,300 in just two days, and scammer still “squeezed” her and asked her to borrow money. Otherwise, she can use the ” loan shark ” method and then she woke up like a dream.
Anna, 38, because she like to sign for consumption, gradually have too much card debt, over the past two years, she has been working hard to repay bank card debts, but since the circuit breaker began, the company requires employees to take unpaid leave. She was very stressful to repay the card debt as scheduled.
Once, she received a text message from the loan company and found that the annual interest rate of the loan was 4%, much lower than the bank. After careful planning, she decided to borrow S$30,000, plus her savings, to pay off about S$50,000 card debts at one.

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