Well-known durian stall encountered scammers repeatedly using electronic payment screenshots to cheat

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Electronic payment methods are becoming more and more common in Singapore, but some people took advantage of the loopholes and were accused of defrauding the well-known durian stalls with screenshots before payments. He repeatedly took the durians without paying, and finally got caught.

The durian stall in Ghim Moh, Ah Seng Durian posted on the social media Facebook page last night (29th) to expose the incident.
The man was accused of pretending to scan the PayNow QR code to pay, but in fact kept the screenshot before successful payment, and showed the screenshot to the booth staff, making them mistakenly think he paid.
Ah Seng Durian said that the man had escaped several times before. They knew that the man had ordered the durian yesterday, so they waited patiently for him to come.
The man did the same thing. After the staff at the booth confirmed that he had not received his payment, other staff immediately walked over from the corner and asked him if he really paid. The man said nonchalantly that he had forgotten to enter the payment amount.
“Then what did he show to our auntie at the time? Did he really forget it, or did he find a convenient excuse?”
“He has repeatedly regretted it and expressed his willingness to compensate for the money he had not paid before.” The employees further questioned what he did previously. He denied at first, but finally admitted after the employees’ questioning with video as evidence. “

“Treat others with tolerance and coexist peacefully. We accepted his apology and late payment. This matter was finally resolved in private. I hope that similar incidents will not happen again, Otherwise, we will report it without hesitation and let the relevant departments handle it. “
Ah Seng Durian also noticed that customers showed their real payment records after using cashless payment methods in front of the cashier.
This post received enthusiastic responses from netizens. Most netizens pointed out that Ah Seng durian may not be the only victim, and other vendors and stalls may have been deceived. Therefore, it is recommended to call the police. I also agree not to let the scammer go. They may repent to Ah Seng Durian and then commit crimes elsewhere.

知名榴梿摊位遇骗子 屡次以电子付款截屏行骗

发布 8视界新闻 日期 2020年7月29日 16:56


位于锦茂的榴梿摊位阿城榴梿(Ah Seng Durian)昨晚(29日)在社交媒体Facebook页面发帖揭露此事。

阿城榴梿的帖文最后写道,这是他们接受无现金付款以来首次遇到骗案。“待人宽容,和平共存(live and let live),我们接受了他的道歉和迟来的付款,这件事最后私下解决了。希望类似事件不会再发生,不然我们会毫不犹豫地向有关部门举报处理。”
这条帖文获得了网民的踊跃回复,大多网民都指出,阿城榴梿或许并非唯一的受害者,或许有其他小贩和摊位也受骗,因此建议报警处理。我也同意不要放过诈骗犯罪,他们可能向你道歉, 然后又到别的地方犯案。

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