Two new tricks steal WhatsApp account, police remind the public not to share verification codes

Published by Lianhe Zaobao Dated January 11, 2021 3:30 AM

Two new methods of stealing WhatsApp accounts have recently appeared. The police remind the public not to fall into the trap and not to share the verification code with others.

The police issued a statement saying that the first method is that the victim will receive a message pretending to be a WhatsApp technical support employee, stating that the victim must provide a six-digit verification code sent to the mobile phone to confirm the complaint about the victim. Once the victim provides that set of numbers, he will lose the permission of the WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp has stated that it will not ask users to share verification codes.

The other is a device in which scammers deliberately repeatedly enter wrong verification codes into it. If the verification code fails to be entered multiple times, WhatsApp will ask the user to perform “voice verification” by sending a recorded message containing a six-digit verification code to the victim.

If the victim ignores or does not turn on the phone, the recorded message will be directly transferred to the victim’s voicemail box (Voicemail).

The telecommunications service company will send the default pin to the user, and the crook will use the default pin to remotely hack into the mailbox and obtain the verification code of the recorded message.

Once the verification code is obtained, the scammer can control the WhatsApp account and then activate the “two-step verification” function to prevent the victim from retrieving account permissions.

In addition, the police alleged that scammers still used past tactics, using the identity of the victim of the stolen WhatsApp account to attack the victim’s relatives and friends.

The scammer asks the victim’s relatives and friends to provide a set of six-digit passwords sent to their mobile phones. Once the victim’s relatives and friends reply to provide the password, the mobile phone will be recruited and lose WhatsApp account permissions.

The police once again reminded not to share the WhatsApp account verification code with others, even if the relevant request comes from a contact person stored on the phone.

Mobile phone users can activate the “two-step verification” function, or change the default password of the mailbox. If you do not use the mailbox, contact the telecommunications company to terminate the related functions.

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