Touch control kitchen faucet with sensor for US$29.89 only


Someone bought a touch control kitchen faucet with sensor for US$29.89 from a Facebook merchant, but had a terrible experience. She received a useless faucet filter.

When she emailed the merchants, they apologized for the first time and willing to refund 10% of the selling price. But the advertisement shows a 100% refund. After several e-mail negotiations and requesting a 100% refund, the merchant agrees that if she can return the product at her own expense, and only after the product is resold, she can get a 100% refund.
The victim is very angry and thinks that such garbage, how can she expect it to be resold? To be sure ended up with nothing

When shopping online, please patronize reputable businesses and don’t trust social media ads. Please also pay attention if the product is too cheap

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