Touch control kitchen faucet with sensor for US$29.89 only


带感应器的触控式厨房水龙头,仅售 29.89 美元

Someone bought a touch control kitchen faucet with sensor for US$29.89 from a Facebook merchant, but had a terrible experience. She received a useless faucet filter.

有人从一家脸书商店手中以29.89美元的价格购买了带有传感器的触摸控制厨房水龙头,但体验却很糟糕。 她收到了一个没用的水龙头过滤器。

When she emailed the merchants, they apologized for the first time and willing to refund 10% of the selling price. But the advertisement shows a 100% refund. After several e-mail negotiations and requesting a 100% refund, the merchant agrees that if she can return the product at her own expense, and only after the product is resold, she can get a 100% refund.
The victim is very angry and thinks that such garbage, how can she expect it to be resold? To be sure ended up with nothing

她向商家发送电子邮件时,他们第一次道歉,并愿意退还售价的10%。 但是广告显示100%退款。 经过多次电子邮件协商并要求100%退款后,商家同意如果她可以自费退回产品, 并且只有在产品转售后,她才能获得100%的退款。 受害人非常生气,并认为这样的垃圾,她怎能期望将其转售? 可以肯定的是最终落到一无所有。

When shopping online, please patronize reputable businesses and don’t trust social media ads. Please also pay attention if the product is too cheap


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