Single mother in Malaysia meets scumbag in online dating

马国单亲妈妈网恋遇渣男 存款被骗光还被追债

8world published 2021年3月30日

8视界 发布于 2021年3月30日

A single mother in Malaysia met with unsatisfactory online dating. Not only was she almost defrauded of all her bank deposits, the scumbag also suspected of conspiring with loan shark to defraud her in the name of debt collection.


Sin Chew Daily reported that Lim Chu Pyeong, a 41-year-old single mother living in Balakong, Kajang, Selangor, developed a new relationship with a man through WeChat in December last year and began cohabiting in January this year.


During this period, the man falsely claimed that the bank card was frozen and wanted to “borrow” Lim Chu Pyeong’s ATM card and let someone transfer money to him. Then a loan shark appeared, and she became a borrower for no reason.


In addition to the bank card, the man also told her that he had operated a gas station business in Indonesia, claiming that he was worried that five houses under his name would be auctioned off by the bank, and asked her to lend her ID card and transfer all the houses under his name to her. She didn’t expect this to be a trap.


Only S$19 left in the bank account in four days


It is reported that Lim Chu Pyeong questioned the man about the debt, so he left their home and whereabouts were unknown. She later discovered that the bank deposits had been withdrawn up to 12 times in four days, with a total of 15,000 ringgit (approximately S$4,877) withdrawn, leaving only 60 ringgits (approximately S$19) in the account.


Afterwards, with the assistance of Wong Siew Ki, member of the Selangor State Legislative Assembly for Balakong, she reported the incident to the Kajang police on Wednesday (24th).


Lim Chu Pyeong said that since the man left, she knew nothing about his whereabouts. However, because he did not remove her, she still holds the right to use his email. This “loophole” also let her know that the man flew from Penang to Kuala Lumpur last Friday (26th), and the police were able to arrest him at the airport.


Many groups of big earholes come to collect debts


Lim Chu Pyeong said that groups of loan shark came to collect debts one after another on the 17th of this month, and a series of intimidation put her and her family at risk. Although the debt had nothing to do with her, for the safety of her family, she could only bite the bullet and pay the loan shark, and paid a total of 7,700 ringgit (about S$2503).


She also suspected that the man was in collusion with multiple groups of loan shark. She said that these loan shark all used a photo of the same angle to collect debts, and there was no evidence. In addition, when loan shark posted threats on WhatsApp, she also found that one of the phone numbers was shared by two or three loan sharks.


Wong Siew Ki, member of the Selangor State Legislative Assembly for Balakong pointed out that the door-to-door debt collectors only demanded the return of hundreds of ringgits or 1,000 ringgits (approximately S$325), and even offered a discount for the arrears without revealing the total amount of the arrears. It is suspected that this man is an accomplice with these so-called loan shark.


She said that when Lim Chu Pyeong reported the case and recorded the confession, the police officer called two groups of loan shark on the spot. Since then, these two groups of loan shark no longer appear.


In order to assist the police in the in-depth investigation, Lim Chu Pyeong has provided the police with relevant information, including the bank account number of loan shark. It is reported that Lim Chu Pyeong, who has lost his bank deposit, has no job, and the family’s expenses are temporarily covered by her children.


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