“Selling” masks to cheat more than S$1,000, still file fake report to cover up

Translate from Shin Min Daily News Release / June 3, 2020 2:20 PM

The front office executive of the radiology clinic set a trap on the online shopping platform and defrauded S$1,476 from 23 people. In order to cover up, she files a fake report with police, said that funds were transferred into the account.
The defendant was 24 years old, Eunice Anico Liwanag. At the time of the incident, she was a front office executive of a radiology clinic. She faced a total of 24 charges including cheating and providing false intelligence, alleged that she cheated a total of 23 people from January 28 to 31 to buy masks, defrauded S$1476.
The case shows that on January 31, the defendant sold masks on the online shopping platform Carousell. A girl ordered 4 boxes of masks, saying that she could pay S$100.
In fact, the defendant did not have a mask and could not obtain the source of goods, but the defendant still asked the victim to remit the money to her account and disappeared when the money was received.
From the end of January to the beginning of February, the police received a total of 23 reports that someone fraudulently sold masks on the online shopping platform. The reporter claimed to transfer the money to the defendant’s bank account.
In order to avoid disclosure, the defendant changed the name of the online shopping platform three times, and even reported on February 1 that the bank account had funds of unknown origin remitted to the account.
When the police launched an investigation, she questioned whether she had borrowed illegally, but she denied it and accused her of using only users to make online purchases.
The police advised her to ask the bank to withdraw funds and close the case for her. The defendant was subsequently arrested on February 3, and she admitted at the time that she thought that if she took the initiative to report the case, the police would not include her as a fraud suspect for investigation, and the defendant also returned the money afterwards.
The prosecution pointed out that the defendant defrauded several victims in just a few days and took advantage of the shortage of masks and materials during the epidemic to defraud and believed that it was necessary to punish severely to prevent others from defrauding in the same way.
The defendant appeared in court today (June 3) accompanied by his fiancé, she bowed her head all the way and said she had nothing to say when pleading.

“卖”口罩骗千余元 为掩饰报假案

来自 / 新明日报 发布 / 2020年6月3日 2:20 PM
被告是尤尼丝(24岁,Eunice Anico Liwanag),案发时她是一名放射诊所前台执行员,她共面对24项控状包括欺骗及提供假情报,指她在1月28日至31日共欺骗23人购买口罩,骗走1476元。

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