Property disputes in Batam make some Singaporeans anxious


Published on Dec 24, 2021 on Straits Times and 8world on Dec 23, 2021.

In the 1990s, the Batam Resort Indah Puri Apartments, which was once a keen investment by Singaporeans, has recently been escalated. There have been rumors recently that the management unit was forced to relocate due to the expiration of the lease. The walls were demolished electrically, and residents gathered to protect the houses, and they were also forcibly pulled away by suspected military and police personnel.

The eviction affected hundreds of families. According to photos circulating locally, since the 13th of this month, relevant units have dispatched heavy machinery to demolish the roofs of houses. According to Tribun Batam, some residents stood in front of their holiday houses and refused to give in.

Last Saturday (18th), serious conflicts occurred on the scene. A video uploaded by netizen ED ED on Facebook showed that someone tried to obstruct the demolition project but was forcibly dragged away from the scene by some people wearing police or camouflage uniforms. The scene was chaotic.

The landlord refused to move and said the contract stated that the lease would be extended.

Batam Resort Indah Puri Apartments was originally developed due to its favorable conditions, which attracted many people, especially foreigners, to invest. There are also many foreigners. It is reported that there are currently 10 to 20 homeowners who are Singaporeans.

A British homeowner who lives here with his Indonesian wife also told reporters that their contract stated that the 30-year lease can be extended for another 20 and 30 years after the expiration, but the management unit stated that it “will not” extend it. They have to rush people.

The location of this resort is a very valuable piece of land, I believe it is because someone wants to buy it. Generally speaking, if they want to take it back, they must file a lawsuit in court in accordance with legal procedures, but this may take several years. “

He also said that the current local water and electricity supply is intermittent, and sometimes the entire community is out of power. As for the power outage, it is the apartment unit that is about to be demolished.

Local homeowner: The homeowner was not notified at all before the demolition.

Ms. Huang, a local homeowner who owns two units in the resort, told 8 Vision that all Singaporean homeowners currently do not live in the resort. In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, they cannot travel to Batam. They can only watch the houses being demolished one by one, feeling very helpless.

“This is a difficult situation. The house they demolished still contains other people’s belongings.”

Ms. Huang pointed out that the relevant units did not notify the owners at all before the demolition, and many people were surprised to see that their houses were demolished. As far as she knows, the houses of three Singaporeans were demolished.

She also complained that as early as last year, the management unit broke into the houses of two Singaporeans, demolished their bathrooms, kitchens, windows, etc., and left all the accessories downstairs, but the owners did not receive any notice at all.

These homeowners originally wanted to call the police, saying that the management unit broke into the private house, but the local staff told the police that they had to go to Batam in person. The local homeowner felt helpless.

Some Singaporean homeowners hire lawyers to prepare complaints

Ms. Huang said that the affected Singaporean homeowner has sent a letter to the Consulate-General of the Republic of Singapore in Batam for help. The other party responded yesterday (22nd) and suggested seeking legal advice. As some homeowners have abandoned their houses, only five or six Singaporean homeowners have hired lawyers to prepare complaints.

Ms. Huang said frankly that it takes time to go through legal procedures, and the house is being demolished day by day, and now she can only prosecute for illegal demolition.

“I want to appeal that it is not safe to invest in real estate in Batam. Singaporeans can go there to enjoy leisure activities, but the local units treat foreigners and their real estate like this. This is the best example of how they handle it.

I advise Singaporeans who are interested in investing and buying properties in Indonesia, please understand the local laws. It is time-consuming and costly to file a lawsuit in Indonesia, and the loss outweighs the gain.

2021 年 12 月 24 日发表于海峡时报和 8视界于 2021 年 12 月 23 日。

1990年代,曾经是新加坡人热衷投资的巴淡岛度假村英达布里公寓,最近又升级了。 近期有传闻称,管理单位因租约到期被迫搬迁。 墙壁被电动拆除,居民们聚集起来保护房屋,也被疑似军警人员强行拉走。

驱逐影响了数百个家庭。 据当地流传的照片,从本月13日起,有关单位已派出重型机械拆除房屋屋顶。 据 Tribun Batam 报道,一些居民站在度假屋前拒绝屈服。

上周六(18日),现场更是发生了严重的冲突。 网友ED ED在脸书上传的视频显示,有人试图阻挠拆除工程,但被一些身穿警察或迷彩服的人员强行拖离现场。 场面一片混乱。


峇淡岛度假村Indah Puri Apartments 最初由于其优越的条件而开发,吸引了许多人,尤其是外国人投资。 也有很多外籍人士。 据悉,目前有10至20名屋主是新加坡人。

一位与印尼妻子住在这里的英国籍屋主也告诉记者,他们的合同上写着30年的租约到期后可以再延长20年和30年,但管理单位表示“不会” 延长”,便要赶人。


他还表示,目前当地水电供应断断续续,有时整个小区都断电了。 至于停电,则是即将被拆除的度假公寓单元。


在度假村拥有两个单位的当地屋主黄女士告诉8视界,所有新加坡房主目前都不住在度假村内。 鉴于 COVID-19 大流行,他们无法前往巴淡岛。 他们只能眼睁睁地看着房屋被一栋栋拆毁,感到很无奈。


黄女士指出,有关单位在拆迁前根本没有通知业主,很多人看到自己的房子被拆了都感到很惊讶。 据她所知,三名新加坡人的房屋被拆除。


这些房主原本想报警,说管理单位闯入了私宅,但当地工作人员告诉警方,他们必须亲自前往巴淡岛。 当地的房主感到无助。


黄女士表示,受影响的新加坡屋主已致函新加坡驻峇淡岛总领事馆寻求帮助,对方昨日(22日)回应,建议寻求法律意见。 由于一些房主已经放弃了他们的房子,只有五六个新加坡房主聘请了律师准备投诉。



我劝告有意在印尼投资和置业的新加坡人,请了解当地法律, 在印尼打官司耗时耗费,得不偿失。

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