Peach blackmail

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Peach blackmail, commonly known as “fairy jump”, also known as the beauty Bureau or pornographic blackmail.

The couple conspired to set up a “fairy jump” trap. The wife lured her clients to the room and stripped him off. The husband hiding in the kitchen toilet and ran into the room angrily. First, he took a nude photo of the client and ransacked him, let him go after he had sign an IOU.

The husband-and-wife couple were husband Shabellin (45 years old) and wife Siti Kairanti (42 years old). Both were charged with theft and blackmail.
The husband faced a total of five counts, and the prosecution charged one count of robbery at night and two counts of theft. He was sentenced to three years and 10 months in jail and 12 lashes on January 21 this year. He was sentenced to another 115 days for committing crimes during parole.

His wife, Siti Kailandi, faced 11 charges, and the rest were considered by the judge when he sent the sentence. She pleaded guilty to three thefts, one extortion and one anti-corruption, drug trafficking and serious crime (confiscation of benefits) decree and was sentenced yesterday to two years, three months and 36 weeks in prison.

The case revealed that the two people came up with the “fairy jump” trap in May 2017. The defendant made friends with the 42-year-old victim through Facebook, falsely claiming that she was tight and willing to sell herself to make money, and asked the victim to come to her HDB flat in Boon Lay that night.

After the defendant introduced the victim into the bedroom, he asked him to take off his clothes and wait to “serve” by her. The husband hiding in the kitchen toilet rushed into the bedroom after receiving a message from his wife, pretending to catch him rape his wife in bed and photo the naked victim with his mobile phone.

The husband then blackmailed the victim and asked him to hand over S$200, otherwise he would call the police that he had raped his wife. After the victim surrendered the only S$50 he had, he was forced to sign the debt before able to leave.

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