Not only robbery but also abducted women under daylight

This case took place in Pandan Perdana, Kuala Lumpur at around 8pm on August 23 2020.

A man and a woman were having a meal, and the man went to the bathroom after paying for the meal. At this time, two Malay men took the opportunity to declare to the lady that they were police officers and asked the lady to show her identification, and tried to ask the lady for money with a threat of intimidation. The panicked woman was about to get up from her seat and escape, but was held hostage by the two Malay men and forcibly dragged her out of the door from her seat. This scene immediately shocked and bewildered the people present. Fortunately, a few Chinese men stepped forward and drank help, and the lady escaped from the hands of the two Malay men.

Subsequently, several Chinese Americans and the staff present were hunting down the Malay man who was supposed to commit the crime. Fortunately, he successfully prevented one offender. After reporting by the citizens present, police rushed to the scene within 10 minutes and caught the Malay man who was successfully arrested.

This robbery was not the case of purse-robbing that we have commonly seen, but forcibly taking people with their bags. After this, people must always be vigilant. Such a rampant robbery happened in the city closest to us, and we had to take precautions before it happened.

I also hope that you will forward this message to friends, relatives and people around you to raise awareness of prevention, thank you.

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