Misbelief that investment can get 10 times return. Security guards were defrauded of 16 thousand

Oriental Daily News Malaysia published on February 13, 2021

The security staff mistakenly believed that the investment scam that could get 10 times higher returns in one month was eventually defrauded of 16,700 ringgits!

Shunde Lalazhan, director of the Kapang Commercial Crime Investigation Team, issued a statement stating that the victim (56 years old) from Batu Annam received relevant investment information through the mobile app WhatsApp group in October last year.

Shundra Lazhan said that after receiving the information, the victim was very interested, and the first transfer of 2580 ringgits into a bank account; one month later, the victim was instructed to click on the website www.neurobank.trade/odo.aspx and get it. I checked my personal account and password and found that I had earned 25,000 ringgits, so I was pleasantly surprised!

He said that after the victim discovered that the investment was indeed “profitable”, he increased the investment again, so he transferred 14,000 ringgits to the same account. It was not until January 23 that the victim wanted to withdraw the funds and transferred the euro to ringgit but failed.!

He pointed out that the victim had previously required RM120 to the same account as the fee for raising the relevant funds, but afterwards the victim could not successfully withdraw the funds and could not contact the website administrator.

Shunde Lalazhan stated that the victim reported to the Malin Police Station on the 11th of this month, and the police will invoke section 420 (deception) of the Criminal Code to initiate an investigation.

误信投资可获10倍回酬 保安员被骗1.6万

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