Maybank fake website scams the key different is a and ɑ

Maybank假網址詐騙 關鍵在a和ɑ

Published in Guang Ming Daily on 18 April 2021

刊登于光明日报 日期2021年4月26日

In fact, one of the two URLs “” and “maybɑ” is a fake URL created by a scammer, but can you see the different?” 和 “maybɑ” 這兩個網址,實際上有一個是詐騙人士制造的假網址,但你看得出端倪嗎?

Maybank said that today’s fraudulent methods have become more sophisticated and urge people not to click on any links provided in newsletters, emails, or social media messages.


Maybank’s Facebook post pointed out that the two URLs “” and “maybɑ” are the letters “a” and “ɑ” respectively.


Maybɑ said that “maybɑ” is a scammer using the special letter “ɑ” to create a similar website or link to attract people to click on it.


The bank also pointed out that the “ɑ” in the fake URL is actually a Cyrillic alphabet.

該銀行也指出,假網址中的“ɑ” 其實是西里爾字母(Cyrillic alphabet)。

Maybank also urges customers to log in to Maybank2u account, they must manually enter, and avoid clicking on the link provided in any message.


If you accidentally click on any link and disclose your login information, please contact the bank immediately at 03-58914744.


Common scams tricks 常用咋骗技俩

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