Malaysia woman received fake police call, 1.41 million inheritance deceived

马国妇接假警来电 141万遗产被骗走

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A 72-year-old woman of Chinese descent suspected of misbelieving in phone fraud. As a result, her parents left an inheritance of 4.3 million ringgit (about 1.41 million SGD) were cheated away!


The former piano teacher “Dolly Ng”, 30 years ago, after inheriting the inheritance left to her by her parents, deposited the money into several banks. Unexpectedly, she fell into the trap of fraudulent syndicates. Over the years, her deposits “turned water overnight.”

这名前钢琴教师“Dolly Ng”是在30年前,继承父母留给她的遗产后,将款项分别存入数个银行,岂料误坠诈骗集团陷阱,多年来的存款“一夜化水”。

According to “The Star” report, she received a call from a self-proclaimed police officer in May last year, stating that her bank account had been frozen due to investigation.


She said that in order to avoid being unable to use the deposits, the other party advised her to open a new account to transfer the deposits from the old account to the new account, so she followed the other party’s instructions to transfer the 4.3 million ringgit to the new account.

转账18人户头 起诉银行索赔

Transfer 18 accounts and sued the bank for claims

转账18人户头 起诉银行索赔

“As a result, two months later, I learned from a friend’s conversation that it turned out that this was a scam tactic, so I hurried to the bank to check.”


She said that as soon as she checked the bank, she realized that there was only RM14,000 in the bank account, and she reported the incident to the police.


According to the transfer records obtained by the woman from the bank, starting from July 16 last year, her account was transferred to 18 different people’s bank accounts within 45 days, a total of 459 remittances.


She asked, she did not open an online banking service for her account, but why did the bank allow transfers without her approval?


“I am old and retired. This is the only deposit I have, and I don’t have any income.”


She said that she had sued the bank through judicial channels to recover the lost money. At the same time, she emphasized that the bank lost her deposit, so it is necessary to return the money to her. The case has been brought to court.


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