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Guinness Murals by Lab Six Five at 254 Jln Besar, Singapore 208927

201 Syed Alwi Rd, Singapore 207734

Guinness Murals by Lab Six Five at 64 Horne Rd, Singapore 209072.

9 King George’s Ave, Singapore 208581

New World Amusement Park (2015) by Social Creatives at Block 803 King George’s Ave, Singapore 200803

Masjid Malabar
471 Victoria St, Singapore 198370
Malabar Mosque, also known as the Golden Dome Mosque, is located at the corner of Victoria Street and Jalan Sultan, the site was formerly the Malabar Muslim cemetery dating back to 1819. Malabar Muslims were originally from the Indian state of Kerala, and many came to Singapore in the 19th century as textile and jewellery traders. On April 10, 1956, the Mufti of Johor Tuan Syed Alwi Adnan laid the foundation stone for the mosque on behalf of the Sultan of Johor. The construction project is managed by the Malabar Muslim Jama-ath association and funded by donations from the public. Officially opened in 1963, the mosque is traditionally designed with an octagonal tower topped by a golden dome. The mosque was renovated in 1995, adding blue and white lapis lazuli tiles to its interior and exterior walls.
马拉巴尔清真寺,也被称为金顶清真寺,位于维多利亚街和苏丹路的拐角处,该遗址以前是马拉巴尔穆斯林墓地,其历史可以追溯到 1819 年。马拉巴尔穆斯林最初来自印度的喀拉拉邦,许多人在19 世纪,作为纺织品和珠宝贸易商来到新加坡。 1956 年 4 月 10 日,柔佛州的穆夫提代表柔佛苏丹为这座清真寺奠基。 该建设项目由马拉巴尔穆斯林协会管理,并由公众捐款资助。 这座清真寺于 1963 年正式开放,采用传统风格设计,设有一座八角形塔顶,顶部是金色圆顶。 这座清真寺于 1995 年完成了翻修,在其内外墙上添加了蓝色和白色的青金石瓷砖。

Jalan Kubor Cemetery
Jalan Kubor Cemetery, (Malay: Perkuburan Jalan Kubor), sometimes referred to as Victoria Street Cemetery, is the historic Royal Muslim Cemetery in Singapore. Located off Victoria Street, it houses many prominent Malay and Muslim graves from the 19th and 20th centuries. The cemetery consists of three parts: a plot reserved for the Malay royal family, a site adjacent to the Muslim cemetery tended by the Aljunied family, and a third area originally designated for Indian Muslims and later became popular with Bugis and Banjar merchants. The cemetery was the focus of a study commissioned by the National Heritage Board (NHB),, which took place between December 2014 and May 2015.
惹兰古柏公墓, (马来语:Perkuburan Jalan Kubor),有时也称为维多利亚街公墓,是新加坡历史悠久的皇家穆斯林公墓。 它位于维多利亚街旁,拥有 19 世纪和 20 世纪许多著名的马来人和穆斯林的坟墓。 墓地由三个部分组成:一个为马来皇室保留的地块,一个由阿裕尼家族照料的穆斯林墓地毗邻的地方,以及最初为印度穆斯林指定的第三个区域,后来受到武吉士和班贾尔商人的欢迎 . 该墓地是国家遗产委员会委托进行的一项研究的重点,该研究于 2014 年 12 月至 2015 年 5 月期间进行。

Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah
30 Victoria Ln, Singapore 198424
Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah is a full-time private Islamic institution in Singapore, one of six such Islamic schools in Singapore. Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah is one of the oldest surviving Islamic schools in Singapore.
Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah 是新加坡的一所全日制私立伊斯兰学府,是新加坡六所此类伊斯兰学校之一。 Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah是新加坡现存最古老的伊斯兰学校之一。

Mural at Block 8 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 190008

Mural at Block 468 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 190468

Mural at Block 462 Crawford Ln, Singapore 190462

Boys Climbing In and Out (old)

Boys Climbing In and Out by Ernest Zacharevic (ZACH) at 18 Jln Klapa, Singapore 199330

Man with Camera Mural by CENO2 & Bunga & Kare at Vintage Camera’s Museum
8C Jln Kledek, Singapore 199263
The Vintage Camera Museum is Singapore’s first camera museum located in Kampong Glam district. It is housed in a camera-shaped building and you have to go through the lens to enter the museum.

Girl with Cat by Ernest “ZACH” Zacharevic at 397 Victoria St, Singapore 198347

EarlyBird at 17 Jln Pinang, Singapore 199149

Kampong Gelam (2016) by Yip Yew Chong at 9 Jln Pinang, Singapore 199141

122 Arab St, Singapore 199815

Madrasah Alsagoff Al-Arabiah
111 Jalan Sultan Singapore 199006
The school was built in 1912 and was named after Syed Mohamed bin Ahmed Alsagoff, a wealthy Arab from Hadramaut, Yemen. Syed Mohammed was an influential businessman and philanthropist in Singapore’s early colonial days.
这所学校建于 1912 年,以赛义德·穆罕默德·本 赛义德·艾哈迈德·阿尔萨戈夫的名字命名,他是一位来自也门,哈德拉毛的富有的阿拉伯人。 赛义德·穆罕默德是新加坡早期殖民时期有影响力的商人和慈善家。

Former Chong Cheng School and Chong Pun Girls’ School (Aliwal Arts Centre)
30 Aliwal St, Singapore 199920
This Art Deco building, is the former site of Chong Cheng School and Chong Pun Girls’ School, was designed by local architects Chan Kui Chuan and Tan Koh Keng. Both are Chinese school communities founded by Hokkien people. They provided much-needed education for a while when Singapore’s educational infrastructure was lacking.
这座装饰艺术风格的建筑是崇正学校和崇本女校的旧址,由当地建筑师Chan Kui Chuan和Tan Koh Keng合作设计。 两所都是由福建人创办的华文学校社区。 当新加坡的教育基础设施缺乏时,他们提供了一段时间急需的教育。

Istana Kampong Glam (Malay Heritage Centre) (National Monuments)
85 Sultan Gate, Singapore 198501
Istana Kampong Glam also Istana Kampong Gelam, is the former Malay palace in Singapore. It is located near the Masjid Sultan in Kampong Glam. Before the British colonized Singapore, the palace of Sultan Iskandar Shah, the last king who ruled the Kingdom of Singapore, It is now the Malay Heritage Centre, where the colorful cultural heritage of the Malay community in Singapore is displayed.
甘榜格南宫 (马来传统文化馆)
甘榜格南宫,是新加坡的前马来宫殿。 它位于甘榜格南的苏丹回教堂附近。 在英国殖民新加坡之前,统治新加坡王国的最后一位拉惹(国王)依斯干达沙的宫殿,现在是马来传统文化馆,在这里展示了新加坡马来社群丰富多彩的文化遗产。

Gedung Kuning
73 Sultan Gate, Singapore 198497
Gedung Kuning, or the “Yellow Mansion”, Next to the palace of the former Malay Sultan is a yellow-painted building that used to be the official residence of the royal minister Haji Yusoff.
“黄楼”- 昔日甘榜格南的马来大臣府

The Gem Museum
26 Kandahar Street, Level 2 Singapore 198888
The Gem Museum is Singapore’s first and foremost comprehensive gem and mineral museum open to the public. It was officially launched on June 1, 2015. The Gem Museum showcases a wide variety of gemstones and minerals from around the world, introducing visitors to their value, quality and authenticity.
宝石博物馆是新加坡第一个也是最重要的综合性宝石和矿物博物馆,向公众开放。 它于 2015 年 6 月 1 日正式启动。宝石博物馆展示了来自世界各地的各种宝石和矿物,就价值、质量和真实性向参观者介绍。

Construction site (temporary)

Piedra Negra by Didier Jaba Mathieu at 241 Beach Rd, Singapore 189753

Blu Jaz Cafe by Didier Jaba Mathieu at 11 Bali Lane, Historic Kampong Glam, Singapore 189848

The Singapura Club by CENO2 at 36 Haji Lane, Singapore 189229

Untitled (Deleted) by Sheryo & The Yok

Untitled by ZNC by Didier Jaba Mathieu at 51 Arab St, Singapore 199748

12 Baghdad St, Singapore 199669

Gelam Gallery at Muscat St

Slac Satu’s mural

Gelam Gallery at Subhan St

60 Kandahar St, Singapore 198906

10 Bussorah St, Singapore 199488

273 Beach Road, Singapore 199548

The Making of “Coffee Story” (2016) by Yip Yew Chong at 29 Sultan Gate, Singapore 198477

Old (Deleted)
Old (Deleted)
Old (Deleted)
Sultan Arts Village by Slacsatu
Old (Deleted)

71 Sultan Gate, Singapore 198496

20 Pahang St, Singapore 198617

Old (Deleted)
Old (Deleted)
Old (Deleted)

Didier Jaba Mathieu and ANTZ, RSCLS mural at 28 Aliwal St, Singapore 199918

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