Hotel employee scam

I once met a Chinese Business man who operate a hotel in Batam. Because he had many businesses in Indonesia, he hired an indigenous to help take care of the business. He uses the website to rent out his hotel rooms and also rents out the rooms to walk in customers, but because he can’t visit the hotel every day, his employee secretly rent out the rooms to walk in customers and put money Into his own pocket while he is away. His neighbor knew about it, but didn’t tell him and kept him in the dark.
This is the situation there. Be careful of your investment. Many people are still in the barbaric stage.


我在巴丹岛,曾经遇见一个开旅店的华人老板,因为他在印尼有很多生意想要处理, 所以雇佣一名土著员工帮忙打理业务。 他使用网路出租他的旅店客房,还出租房间给门市的客户,但是因为他无法每天亲临现场·,所以他的员工趁他不在的时候, 偷偷的将房间出租给门市的客户,还把房租放入自己的口袋。他的邻居也知情,但是并没有告诉他,将他蒙在鼓里。

Common scams tricks 常用咋骗技俩

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