Friends borrow money for business turn over


The victim’s female friend said that she had a deal coming and needed funds to pay the supplier to complete transaction. She also told victim that if he could help her, she would pay him interest and free air tickets. The victim lent her money because of trust. When payment due, she give all sort of excuse saying something screw up to delay the payment. This happened last year and now she is missing. In the past, people liked to talk about loyalty, but nowadays, if talk about loyalty will kill yourself, friends and family don’t involve in money transaction it will hurt relationship.

受害者的女性朋友说有一笔交易即将到来,需要资金支付供应商以完成交易,还告诉受害者说如果能帮助她的话,将支付利息和免费机票给他,受害者因为相信朋友而借钱给她。 当需要付款的时候,她就以各种借口说出了一些麻烦需要延迟付款。 这件事发生在去年。 但是现在她已经下落不明。以前人们喜欢讲义气, 当今是讲义气死自己,讲钱伤感情。千万不要借钱给人尤其是朋友。

Common scams tricks 常用咋骗技俩

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