Fraud with children admitted to hospital


Scammers are usually people you know, because only they can approach you and deceive you. The incident happened to a victim in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. On August 24, 2018, a 20th years friend asked her for financial help. She cried and said that her daughter would have to undergo a heart surgery. The operation fee was 20,000 ringgits, including her savings and money borrowed from others. She still needed 3,000 ringgits, the victim is helpful. She transferred S$2,000 to her on August 26, 2018, but her friend still asked for 500 Ringgit and promised to return it as soon as she had the money. On September 1, 2018, her friend came to her again and asked for 800 MYR as a temporary financial relief. The victim still extended a helping hand. When the victim found out that her friend took her money to take her child on a vacation trip, it was not because the child was admitted to the hospital. The victim was very angry. The scammer used her as a cash machine, but was happy with impunity. Take money and enjoy it abroad. The victim also discovered that the incident that happened to her was not an isolated incident. There have been many same incidents in Malaysia. Her friend is just another victim.

骗子通常是您认识的朋友,因为只有她们可以与您接近并骗你上当,事件发生在哥打基纳巴鲁, 马来西亚的一名受害者身上,2018年8月24日,她认识二十多年的朋友向她寻求经济帮助,她哭诉她女儿要进行心脏手术,需要二万令吉手术费,包括她的储蓄和从别人那里借到的钱,她仍然需要三千令吉,受害者和多数人一样都乐于助人,她在2018年8月26日转账俩千新元给她,但她的朋友仍然要求五百马币并承诺一旦她有钱就马上归还。2018年9月1日,她的朋友又来找她,并要求八百马币作为暂时的财务纾困。受害者还是伸出援手,当受害者发现她朋友拿她的钱带她的孩子去度假旅行,并不是因为孩子入院所需,受害者非常生气,骗子把她当成提款机,却逍遥法外高兴的拿钱出国享受。受害者还发现发生在她身上的不是个别事件,在马来西亚已经发生很多起了,她朋友自是一样画葫芦。

The world is going downhill, and people’s hearts are not the same. Now everyone has only money in their eyes, and they can do whatever it takes to deal with you, because good people usually take things easy and let them go, and time will dilute everything. The police also usually ask you to resolve it in a civil lawsuit, so the deception has become more serious. Remember that if you want to help others, unless you plan for the worst, the money may not be recovered, or you should refuse it. Everyone has their limitation, so don’t look for you own trouble.

世风日下,人心不古,现在每个人眼里都是钱,她们可以不择手段向你下手,因为好人通常都会带着息事宁人,上天会惩罚她们的心态而放过她们,时间也会冲淡一切。警察也通常会要求您以民事诉讼方式解决,所以咋骗行为也变本加厉。记住如果您想要帮助别人,除非您做最坏打算,钱可能无法收回,不然还是加以拒绝, 每个人的能力有些,千万不要自寻烦恼。

Common scams tricks 常用咋骗技俩

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