Food delivery scam

Recently, because of the epidemic, everyone stayed at home and went out less. Food delivery also begun to flourish, and food delivery scam has also become active.
Scammers will pretend to be customers and ask for food delivery, usually large transactions. Then try to persuade the merchant to help buy other items, pretending to pay together with the food. However, no one was found when the food was delivered.
The following are two example cases:

Case 1
When I was about to stop the order, the restaurant phone rang 📞
Hey 💬 I want to order 20 boxes of food and drinks, and I need to deliver the food to Sungai Tiram (Grxxn Vixxaxe), 🤔I received a big order for this order 😅, the kitchen will quickly prepare and cook. The waiter on the other side is also busy chasing Mr. Chong’s for online payment. (When the other party claimed that they need to order food for 2 more days) Continuous chasing message 📱 over the phone, the other party said that the network line is not good, and the three-day meal order will be paid in cash together. Mr. Chong calls back during the delivery, can you transfer money for me? I need to buy a mask. The other party is about to close shop and the network line here is very weak. Please do me a favor and help paying to their account. Will pay together when the food is delivered.
Of course, the food delivery staff did not transfer money like this, Sohai 🙃
Arriving at the gate of the destination, the caller came out to pick up the meal, and the other party said it would be out in 10 minutes. ⏳…waiting…waiting for no one to come out.
However, in the end, the food delivery staff did not receive any contact and felt cheated.

Case 2
A customer called and asked for a meal delivery.
He said: I want 26 meals and 26 soft drinks,
Need to pack the same things for 3 days, and then send it to Hotel77 this hotel to give him, then pay. The location is bukit beruntung,
He said that he is the boss and his name is Mr. Wee.
He also said that he often comes to my restaurant to eat.
There is indeed a customer named Mr. Wee in our shop who comes frequently.
So, at this time I said I didn’t doubt him that much
The price totals Rm720 and included postage will be around RM750.
It was strange that he called again later
He said: Can you do me a favor?
Help me bank money into an account,
I want to buy some mask but that shop is about to close.
You help me remit Rm180 first,
I’ll give you Rm950 in one go when you get your meal.
At this time, I feel very strange, it’s not right anymore
Then I will call him again
I Ask him why he wants me to bank in, don’t you know how to bank in online?
He said: I don’t use online banking, please help me
I will give you Rm950 when you come over (the tone starts to be anxious)
After that, I covered the phone and then I suspected that he was not the Mr. Wee on WhatsApp
He said, “Can you help me, I Mr. Wee don’t owe money”
After that, I said I’m sorry, I can’t help you
In the end, he started cursing people, telling me to die and so on.
When I hang him back later, he started to block me.
Fortunately, the food has not been cooked yet (just the things are ready)
I didn’t have any money to bank in, so I called hotel77 to check.
That person is scammer. 👍🏻


最近因为疫情,大家都宅在家里少出门。 外卖也开始盛行,外卖骗局也开始活跃起来。
骗子会伪装成顾客并要求送餐,通常是大笔交易。 然后试着说服商人帮忙买其他东西,假装会和食物一起付钱。 然而,当食物送达时却找不到人。

喂💬我要预定20盒食物还有饮料,需要送餐去Sungai Tiram(Grxxn Vixxaxe) ,🤔这个点接到大单子😅厨房马上快马加鞭烹煮。另一边服务员也忙着追逐Mr. Chong网络付款。(当儿对方声称还需要连订多2天食物)连命追魂的信息📱和电话,对方说哪里网线不好,3天的订餐见面一起给现金付款。送餐途中Mr. Chong播电回来,可以帮我转账吗?我需要买口罩,对方要关门了,我这里网络线很弱,帮个忙帮我装账给对方。食物送到一起付钱给你。
抵达目的地门口,call 对方出来取餐,对方说多10分钟就出来了。⏳… 等着… 等着没人出来。

需要打包3天一样的东西,然后送去Hotel77这一间酒店给他,才给钱。地点在bukit beruntung,
他说他是这里的老板 名叫Mr. wee。
我店的确有位叫Mr. wee 的顾客时常来,
价格一共Rm720 过后再加邮费RM750左右
帮我bank in去一个户口,
这时候的我就觉得很奇怪了 已经不对劲
:问他为什么要我bank in你自己不会online bank in吗?
knn老千:我没有用online bank in的 你帮我一下
过后我就盖了电话 然后我就WhatsApp怀疑说他不是那个Mr. Wee
他说“你能不能帮 讲就好,我mr wee 不欠人钱”
过后我就说不好意思了 帮不到你
到最后他就开始骂人 叫我去死等等.
过后吊回他的时候 他应该block掉我了.
钱也没bank in给他 过后也打电话去hotel77查询了

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