Seventy-year-old businessman in Malaysia cheated of RM6.3 million for helping female netizen inherit inheritance

Posted by 8 Worlds at 27/02/2022 12:47

An overseas Chinese businessman in Malaysia in his 70s was defrauded of RM6.3 million.

According to China Press, the businessman met an overseas Chinese woman who claimed to be British nationality online. The woman falsely claimed that her late father had left her a fortune that she wanted to withdraw by transferring money from the merchant’s bank account abroad.

Subang Jaya police chief Assistant Commissioner said they met through Facebook in October last year, and then switched to the messaging app WhatsApp to keep in touch.

Sin Chew Daily reported that She told the victim that she wanted to sell the estate and transfer the money back to Malaysia, but the process of selling the property was very cumbersome, and she had to pay a lot of fees, and persuaded the businessman to give her money to help her.

China Press also reported that the businessman transferred about RM6.3 million to the woman, but only after he could not contact the woman then he realized that he had been deceived and called the police for help.

Subang Jaya police asks the public not to easily trust friends they have met recently on social media and avoid getting scams.

助女网友继承遗产 马国七旬商人被骗630万令吉

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