Fake Singaporean actor Desmond Tan fraudulently defrauded love, Malaysia female manager was cheated of S$20,000 before she woke up.

假陈泂江诈财骗情 马国女经理被骗2万元才梦醒

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During the month of falling in love with the artist ” Desmond Tan “, the Malaysian female marketing manager was defrauded of more than 60,000 ringgits (20,000 SGD). The female manager is a loyal fan of Desmond Tan. The scammer believes to be hacked into Desmond Tan’s Facebook, pretending to be Desmond Tan to contacted her, and scammed her for vacations, tax disputes and contract termination.


On October 4 last year (2019), Kelly (50 years old, marketing manager) who lives in Johor Bahru received a private message from her idol Desmond Tan on her Facebook page, which made her overjoyed.


Kelly said in the interview on August 1st 2020: ” Desmond Tan said thank me for my continuous support. I am really happy! After his participation in the Star Search, I supported his every drama show, I am he number one fan. Since it was a certified artist page, I trusted him.”


The impostor’s Desmond Tan asked Kelly to keep in touch with line and WeChat privately. What made her even more pleasantly surprised was that while her idol chatted with her, he also spoke sweetly to her and took the initiative to show her love, calling her “baby.” “My dear”, the two soon began “interacting” online.


She said: “A week later he asked me if I wanted to meet in Shanghai, and said that I only need to bear 30% of the cost, which is 7,000 ringgits (approximately S$2,400), but then the travel fell through and I couldn’t get the money back for the remittance.”


The impostor’s Desmond Tan explained that the brokerage company’s improper handling caused the travel to fall, and then claimed that he was facing tax problems, and asked Kelly to remit 3,000 ringgits to help him through the difficulties. At the end of last year, he invited her to Shanghai to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve for the second time. She paid more than 10,000 ringgits for the second time.


Kelly said: “He said this year (2020) that he was dissatisfied with the brokerage company for messing up our two overseas trips, so he quarreled with the company and had to terminate the contract, because after the termination of the contract, he will have freedom and he can also fall in love with me generously. He asked me to come out RM 40,000.


She has already pawned jewelry for Desmond Tan before, who has paid her sincerity to this relationship. This time she sold a car and borrowed from loan shark to help raise the “contract termination fee”. She surpassed more than 60,000 ringgits (about 20,000 SGD). Later, when she learned that she was deceived and that the person was not Desmond Tan, Kelly blamed herself for being too stupid and said that she was “heartbroken.”


Desmond Tan felt distressed after getting to know the fans been scammed, and reminded the fans that he would not contact the fans privately, or ask money from the fans.


Desmond Tan said in an interview with the ” Lianhe Wanbao” this morning that he is not aware of Kelly’s affairs, but he was very worried and distressed about what happened to Kelly.


He said: “I am worried that some fans may be unfamiliar with the Internet, or may listen to scammers, so I have to face and remind everyone that I will not use social media accounts to contact fans privately.”


He said that he would keep in touch with fans through the fan club, and he would not ask money from fans. I hope everyone will not be fooled.


Desmond Tan pointed out that in the past few years someone used his photos to set up fake accounts on social media. The situation has become more and more serious this year. In February this year, he was robbed and lost his mobile phone while on vacation in Bali Indonesia. he wonder is this related.


I advise people do not use their real photos on social media, so scammers cannot use them to scam your friends, like scammers in our neighboring country.


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