Fake China police officer scam

Malaysia man received a fake china police officer phone call locally, the other side claimed to have obtained his contact number from the suspect, and instructed him to transfer money to the Bitcoin vending machine, fortunately the police immediately stopped the Malaysia man to fall into the trap of the fraud syndicate.
Police issued a circular today warning Singaporean, the once-silent “fake china police officer” is now back, between January and April this year, the police have received 65 reports involving up to 4.8 Million.
One of the men who was nearly cheated was Mr. Su, 33, who is currently in the job. He received a false china police officer call at about 9am on May 31 and nearly fell into a trap.
According to his description, on the day of the incident, an employee claiming to be from a telecommunications company suddenly called to inform him that his mobile phone number had been stolen. Shortly after, a man claiming to be a Chinese police officer made a second phone call, saying that the police had arrested a woman whose mobile phone number was found on her contact.
In order to improve credibility, “confirm” their identity, the other side also sent a text message, accompanied by a photo of their documents.
Suspecting that he was an accomplice of the girl, he instructed Mr. Su to transfer all his savings to China via a Bitcoin vending machine, or his mobile telecommunications package would be terminated and he would not be able to return to Malaysia.
After being “warned” by the other side, Mr. Su confessed to being scared, so he followed the instructions to Bitcoin vending machine at Liang Court shopping Centre to transfers money.
He was warned during the call that there might be uniformed police officers at the vending machine, and if he saw the police officer better inform them.
Coincidence police begun sending officer to the Bitcoin vending machine to avoid more people being deceived. Officers from the Orchard Neighborhood Police Department stopped Mr. Su from buying bitcoins in time.
My advice, if you hear Chinese police officer phone call, don’t panic, remember that the law with borders, Singapore and China don’t have an extradition treaty, don’t say you didn’t break the law, even if you did. If the charges are not serious, don’t worry too much.

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