Coronavirus vaccine scam text messages appear locally

本地出现冠病疫苗诈骗短信 卫生部提醒公众不要上当

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Coronavirus vaccine scam text messages appear locally, Ministry of Health reminds the public not to be fooled

Scammers sent text messages about coronavirus vaccines and virus tests, and the Ministry of Health reminded the public not to be fooled.


Recently, there have been circulated text messages falsely claiming to be from a pharmaceutical company, and the sender alleged that they were authorized to provide the recipient with a coronavirus vaccine.


There are also some fraudulent calls and text messages, claiming that the recipient is in close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19, and asking the recipient to provide personal or financial information in exchange for a COVID-19 tester and test results.


The Ministry of Health emphasized that it did not send these text messages, nor did it authorize any pharmaceutical company to contact the public directly, and therefore urged the public not to respond to these text messages.


In addition, the Ministry of Health will not ask the public for personal and financial information via telephone, and the public should not respond to it.


If the public receives any email or call trying to obtain personal or financial information, they should first verify the authenticity of the content. The hotline of the Ministry of Health is 11800-333-9999.


The Ministry of Health also issued a notice on the website that the Coronavirus vaccination plan is being carried out one after another, and medical personnel will take the lead in vaccinating. The authorities have started sending text messages to allow eligible people to sign up for vaccinations.


The authorities reminded that if the public receives a text message from the Ministry of Health, they should not forward it to others, because the registration URL in the text message is unique. The public should also ensure that the suffix of the URL in the short message is “” before clicking on it.


If the public has any questions about the vaccination plan, they can also call the hotline of the Ministry of Health.


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