Child hospital admission scam

Scammer is usually friend you know, because only they can approach you and scam you. This incident happened to a victim in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. On August 24, 2018, a friend she had known for more than 20 years seek economics help from her. She cried and told her that her daughter needs a heart surgery, which required RM 20,000, including her savings and money borrowed from others. She still need additional RM 3,000, and the victims were as helpful as most people. On August 26, 2018, she transferred RM 3,000 to her, but her friend still asked for RM 500 and promised to return it as soon as she had the money. On September 1, 2018, her friend came to her again and asked for RM 800 as a temporary financial bailout. The victim still extended a helping hand. When the victim discovered that her friend took her money to take her child on a holiday trip, instead of child was admitted to the hospital. The victim was very angry. The scammer used her as an ATM machine, but impunity and took the money enjoy it abroad. The victim also discovered that what happened to her was not an isolated incident. There have been many incidents in Malaysia, and her friend is just a copycat.

Remember the world is going downhill, and people’s are change, everyone only see money in their eyes. They can do whatever they can for it, because good people usually take things calmly. Believe god will punish them and let them go, time will also dilute everything. The police usually ask you to resolve it in a civil lawsuit, so the deception has become worse. Remember that if you want to help others, unless you make the worst plan, the money may not be recovered, otherwise better to reject than regret. Everyone has limited abilities, don’t ask for trouble.

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