Beware of Scammers Impersonating Police Officers


From Singapore Police Force Facebook

Police reminded the public who received calls from the Singapore Police Force to be vigilant.
Victims usually receive calls from scammers through the “Whatsapp” application. These scammers will claim to be police officers and use public police photos as their avatars on messaging apps.
Victims will be notified that there is a problem with their bank account. The scammer used the excuse of helping the victim to solve the problem and asked the victim to provide personal information, including bank account, credit card information and one-time password (OTP).
These calls are not made by the police. Citizens who receive such calls should take the following crime prevention measures:
Police statement. No government agency will obtain personal information over the phone;
Do not disclose your personal or online banking details and OTP to anyone;
If you accidentally disclose your bank information to scammers, please terminate the transaction and cancel the credit or debit card immediately.

切勿向任何人透露您的个人或网上银行详细信息和 OTP;
如果不小心泄露您的银行资料给咋骗分子, 请立刻终止交易和取消信用卡或扣賬卡。

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