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The report claims that the mobile phone giant is running an online promotion, and the public can snap up a brand-new phone by simply filling in the email address and paying $2.

The report even interviewed “lucky winner” who claimed that they had received a new phone after paying $2.

Wu Chao Qun,45, an internal auditor, was one of the readers who reported the matter to this newspaper. As he browsed the Facebook last Thursday, he saw such paid promotional posts with a sensational headline claiming that the public could buy mobile phones at low prices.

“I clicked on it and read it, and I was surprised to see the article using the sign of the “Lianhe Zaobao” Post. Although the content of the article is fake at first glance, I am still worried that some elderly people will be convinced because they see the logo of the “Lianhe Zaobao”.

Another member of the public, Chen Shun Zhong (taxi driver), was nearly fooled. He said he was curious to try when he visited a similar site on Friday (21st) because it appeared to quote the “Lianhe Zaobao”.

After he entered the promotion page, he filled in the credit card details, which went on to show an IQ test questions. Chen Shun Zhong founded something wrong, hastened to contact the bank, write off the existing credit card. Fortunately, the bank confirmed after enquiries that there were no suspicious transactions on the credit card, but for security reasons, he was still processed for a new card.

Chen Shun Zhong said that he read the “Lianhe Zaobao” every day, and that the newspaper didn’t send out similar news, so he was able to confirm that the article on the website was false.

The “Lianhe Zaobao” is a newspaper owned by Singapore Press Holdings, Chinese Media Group. The Group was informed about this about two weeks ago and has so far received reports from about 10 readers. zaobao.sg also warned the public not to be fooled through its Facebook pages on the 11th and 23rd of this month.

The post read: “We have recently received a reader’s notice that we have seen articles and advertisements with the logo of the “Lianhe Zaobao” on Facebook. The “Lianhe Zaobao” or zaobao.sg have not authorized the logo on these sites, imploring readers not to believe it or not to click.

数网站冒用早报标志骗信用卡资料 公众不要上当

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