Southern Islands

Although Sentosa is the most famous island in the southern islands of Singapore, there are other islands to the south that are worth exploring. Cruising around them is also one of the fun ways to spend a day out of the city of Singapore.

Kusu Island, St John’s Island, the twin Sisters’ Islands, Pulau Tekukor, Lazarus Island and Pulau Seringat (Pulau in Malay word mean island). Singapore Island Cruise provides ferry transport to Kusu, St John and Lazarus Island at S$12.00 from Marina South Pier, but there are other private companies and chartered cruises that will take you around a few of the islands and even stop for a barbeque or picnic.

Places of interest

Saint John’s Island 圣约翰岛

Saint John’s Island Pier
House at Saint John’s Island

Lazarus Island 拉撒路岛

Lazarus Island Beach
Lazarus Island walk way
Bridge on Lazarus Island
Boat view from Lazarus Island

Kusu island 龟屿

Kusu island Tua Pek Kong
Kusu island Na Tuk Kong
Sparrow and turtle meet at Kusu island

Sisters’ Islands 姊妹岛

Bukom Island 武公岛

Bukom is an offshore island located 5.5km southwest of mainland Singapore. It houses Royal Dutch oil and gas company Shell’s largest wholly-owned refinery. It’s a surprisingly short 15-minute ferry ride away from Pasir Panjang Ferry Terminal.

Bukom Island